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“Gajeel? What are you doing at the bakery?” Erza asked. “I come here all the time to get cake and I’ve never seen you before.”


"Oh! Erza" He said recognizing the redhead. "Don’t is obvious? i came to shop, after all i not just eat iron ghehe"

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Levy caught sight of his red face, despite how he tried to hide it from her, and grinned.

“Sure! But, you know you should probably wear an apron. Your pants are white after all, if you spill something it’ll stain.”


"Apron?" he spoke a little amazed "But it will hurt my manhood" he said scratching his neck. "But you shorty like that would be cute apron until" he said a little embarrassed.

"Whatever, I’ll use one, but I doubt you have one my size, do you see how great I am?" he said pointing to the body himself.

Married for a week @kuroganeblacksteel

Levy stared up at him for a moment, hands on her hips. “Well, whatever. I’m hungry anyway and if I make too much for me to eat then I guess you can have some.” she said, turning and walking towards the kitchen. “But I’m not going to write you any iron! I know you just got a bunch of scraps from the blacksmith down the street. If you really want some metal then eat that.”


He hesitated, but he could do anything as long as they are married. He took the delicate hand of the small and leaned against the wall. His face was hot, he was probably very flushed, he tried to look away. What is, dwarf? How about cooking with me?

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"Cool name!" Bitterness said, smiling cutely.


"Thank you"

Married for a week @kuroganeblacksteel

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“Ghehe because you’re tiny” he laughed “WHERE IS MY DINNER WOMAN? ghehe”

“And being tiny makes me a good choice for a wife?” Levy scoffed, “I’m glad to know you married me for my looks.” she snipped sarcastically. “And you can make your own dinner! That’s not necessarily a wife’s job. You made yourself dinner when you were single, right?”

"You’re evil, dwarf" he said crossing his arms and pouting. "I did not marry you because of your looks… I married you because…" He paused and not continued with speech, felt his face burn and then turned back. "That is not the case," he said a little unsure "Just help me to do so…"

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